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Sophia Lierenfeld didn’t set out to give dating advice to Syrian refugees. Assimilation is a big issue in German politics these days. Her self-funded workshop, Improv Without Borders , gathers weekly to let Europeans and refugees do improvisational theater together. On a recent Thursday afternoon, about a dozen men and women from Afghanistan, Syria, France, Germany and elsewhere milled about awkwardly while Lierenfeld waltzed among them and gave out hugs. After some warmup games, they broke off into groups to perform skits. A big part of improv involves trying on new versions of oneself — an activity that, in their regular lives, can come with high stakes. Sophia Lierenfeld, 28, leads an improvisational theater class for Germans and refugees. Abulhusn has been attending her weekly Improv Without Borders class and signed up for coaching in flirtation. Jacobia Dahm for NPR Gulahmad Gafuri, a medical student from Afghanistan, spoke hesitantly, if at all, until Lierenfeld assigned him a skit to tell a childhood anecdote in an improvised nonsense language. In the made-up language, it turned out he had tons to say.

At Golan crossing reopening, Druze hope to see family soon

Jun 13, 6: Repeating a 1 letter typo even after corrected as an excuse not to address a point. After saying “Let’s take the idiocy point by point” yet ignoring the majority of points. Where is the “Palestinian” archaeology?! Why is there no mention of them by the Persians, Greeks or Romans?

Jun 13,  · Similar to Druze and Armenians. Yes, dating back to the ARAB CONQUEST of the 7th century CE. In the USA, people in Phoenix and Michigan sound similar. Because many left Michigan for Phoenix. Claiming a Michigan accent is a Phoenix dialect doesn’t quite cut it.

Their name is derived as a plural form of Dorazy , the proper name of a Persian at the court of El Hakim in Egypt about They subsequently repudiated all connection with this Mohammed Ibn Ismail el-Dorazy, and styled themselves Unitarians, or Muwahhedin , on account of the emphasis they lay on the unity of God. Their history begins with the arrival of Dorazy in the Wady el-Teim, after his flight from Egypt. This Persian had had the audacity to read to a large multitude in a mosque a book tending to prove that El Hakim, the mad Fatimite caliph, was an incarnation of God.

Escaping from the crowd, who were enraged at this blasphemy, he fled to the valley between Hermon and the Southern Lebanon, and with the support of his master preached his doctrine to these mountaineers, already given to Batenite doctrine and therefore predisposed to accept a further incarnation of the Deity. He was soon superseded by another Persian, Hamzeh Ibn Ahmed El Hady, who became the real founder of the sect and the author of its sacred books. After the assassination of El Hakim, Hamzeh wrote a treatise to prove that El Hakim had not really died but only disappeared to test the faith of his followers.

This disappearance and ultimate return of El Hakim are the cardinal points of the Druze faith today.

Druze in America

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The journey of the Druze in America is one filled with pride, hard work, and boundless dreams. In the late ’s, with the vast immigrant waves that came to America seeking new life and freedom, also emerged the Druze from the Levant or the East Mediterranean region with aspiring – hope, to forge new paths.

A Abbreviations This information is included in Appendix A: Abbreviations , which includes all abbreviations and acronyms used in the Factbook, with their expansions. Acronyms An acronym is an abbreviation coined from the initial letter of each successive word in a term or phrase. In general, an acronym made up of more than the first letter of the major words in the expanded form is rendered with only an initial capital letter Comsat from Communications Satellite Corporation; an exception would be NAM from Nonaligned Movement.

Administrative divisions This entry generally gives the numbers, designatory terms, and first-order administrative divisions as approved by the US Board on Geographic Names BGN. Changes that have been reported but not yet acted on by the BGN are noted. Geographic names conform to spellings approved by the BGN with the exception of the omission of diacritical marks and special characters. Age structure This entry provides the distribution of the population according to age.

Information is included by sex and age group as follows: The age structure of a population affects a nation’s key socioeconomic issues. Countries with young populations high percentage under age 15 need to invest more in schools, while countries with older populations high percentage ages 65 and over need to invest more in the health sector. The age structure can also be used to help predict potential political issues.

For example, the rapid growth of a young adult population unable to find employment can lead to unrest.

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Monitors from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the village of Khadr was now surrounded by rebels, who had taken a hilltop immediately to the north. Druze leaders in Israel and the Golan Heights warned that they might storm the frontier to save their relatives , fearing a sectarian massacre. Mr Netanyahu said he had given “instructions to do what is necessary” to help Syria’s Druze. Jerusalem also warned Syrian rebel groups operating in southern Syria not to attack and to stay away from Khadr.

Local media reports said the government was considering establishing a buffer zone on the Syrian side of the border for refugees – a move that would be an unprecedented step given decades in which the frontier has been a “frozen zone”. The crisis over the Druze intensified on Tuesday night, as fighting between Jabhat al-Nusra – al-Qaeda’s Syria affiliate – Syrian rebels and the Syrian army intensified in southern Syria.

Amal’s mother is not Druze,” Clooney wrote. “She has not been to Beirut since Amal and I have been dating, and she is in no way against the marriage—but none of that is the issue.” Clooney is.

Caught between warfare and politics October 5, By Trudy Rubin Special to The Christian Science Monitor Deir al Qamar, Lebanon While Lebanon’s political leaders struggle to get a reconciliation dialogue under way, 25, Christian civilians in this Shouf mountain town remain hostages of war. Prevented from leaving by armed Druze militiamen whose leader, Walid Jumblatt , is bargaining for more Druze power within the Lebanese government, the Christians survive on International Red Cross rations.

They are ever conscious of the year-old history of Druze massacres of Christians at Deir al Qamar. The Druzes insist their barricade is political – not aimed at civilian slaughter – and that a key reason is the 3, to 4, armed Christian militiamen holed up inside the town. But as negotiations for the civilians’ release plod slowly along and winter cold sets in among refugees huddled in public buildings, such assurances do little to quell the anxieties of the men, women, and children trapped inside.

As seen from the Druze town of Baakline across the valley, Deir al Qamar offers a charming picture of white houses with red-tiled roofs on steep, terraced slopes. As the largest Christian town in the Shouf, it normally holds about 12, people. Could you pass a US citizenship test? But today thousands of refugees from 52 different Christian villages and towns, along with armed Christian militiamen, wander aimlessly or crowd into abandoned houses and public buildings.

The main street is filled with children with plastic water bottles walking to and from the town fountain. It is practically the only water source. Armed Druze militiamen check carefully to see that no local residents leave the town and that no unauthorized food or supplies are brought in by the rare visitor with a Druze permit to pass.

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But with the reopening of the Quneitra crossing Monday, the Syrian Druze hopes to reunite with them soon. As the Syrian national anthem blasted from loudspeakers at the sole crossing between Syria and the Golan, year-old Taweel couldn’t hide his excitement. I only speak to them on the phone,” he said, dressed in a long black robe and white circular cap topped with dark red.

Israel seized the strategic Golan plateau from Syria in , and later annexed it in a move never recognised by the international community. The move cut off relatives from each other, with a UN-patrolled buffer zone slicing down between both sides, and a single crossing point. But that passage closed in , three years into Syria’s war, after jihadists of Syria’s former A-Qaeda affiliate overran the area and the UN force withdrew.

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George Clooney Denies Amal Alamuddin’s Mom Opposes Their Marriage on Religious Grounds

Have you ever heard of the Druze people? Well maybe you have, but probably not, as neither had I until I ended up staying with a couple of great friends, Natali and Alex in their home in Haifa in Israel. We hit backpacking pretty hard again in Israel, going through towns and cities a lot faster than we had before and then came a…Druze Festival. Natali found the opportunity to get a guided tour of a Druze Village or Town, called Isfiya.

Isfiya is a village in the northern part of Israel that has a high population of Druze people.

Nomenclature Arrete No. borders of the State of Jebel Druze, March Statut Organique of the State of Jebel Druze 14 May On March 4, , it was proclaimed as the State of Souaida, after the capital As-Suwayda, but in it was renamed Jabal al-Druze or Jabal Druze State.

They hold prominent positions in the fields of medicine, law, education, as well as, in corporations and other businesses. They are held in the highest esteem. In Lebanon, literacy among Druze women was common. Let them remain as expected of them. Patience and time will solve many problems that seem at a certain moment without a solution. However, since the s Arab societies have allowed women to play a more active role socially and in the work force, basically as a result of the manpower shortage caused by heavy migration of men to Persian Gulf countries.

In Lebanon, the percentage of women in the labor force has increased; although, the Islamic religious revival that swept Lebanon in the s, reasserted traditional cultural values. As a consequence, veils and abas cloaks have become more common among Muslim women. Among Christians, the war enabled women to assume more independent roles because of the absence of male family members involved in the fighting.

Although women have their own organizations, most exist as subordinate branches of the political parties. Data as of December She was from among the first women immigrants in the United States, and she lived a life of a lady with the true spirit of the Druze social values.

Navigating A New Culture, A Syrian Refugee In Germany Seeks A Dating Coach’s Advice

Polytheism Polytheism is the belief that there is more than one god. Within polytheism there are hard and soft varieties: Hard polytheism views the gods as being distinct and separate beings; an example of this would be certain schools of Hinduism as well as Hellenismos. Soft polytheism views the gods as being subsumed into a greater whole. Polytheism is also divided according to how the individual deities are regarded: If they are worshiped one at a time, then each is supreme in turn.

But it also allowed Druze living in the occupied Golan region to cross over into Syria to study or attend weddings, or sell their agricultural produce such as apples. Celebs Go Dating SPOILER.

Abstracts and Summaries Part 1: Jewish Populations Last Update: Genetic Testing Service Get genetically tested to discover your relationship to other families, other Jews, and other ethnic groups. Pulver, Stephen Wooding, and Stephen T. Among the comparative populations were continental Europeans and European-Americans. Also used for comparison were 3 Middle Eastern populations:

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