Meningitis Outbreak in Brooklyn Among Gay Men

That is why most of our discussion on Tuesday surrounded a somewhat controversial half-time performance by Beyonce. I simply thought it was a catchy song and she did a great job, as usual. The next day though, I saw article after article about how her performance offended many people. On one hand, I look up to Beyonce for taking a stance on political topics, and supporting causes such as this one. I also think that the Super Bowl is the perfect opportunity to reach all the people she did with her message, so I see why she chose to do it. The Super Bowl is an equal event in our society, bringing people of every race and class together to enjoy a football game. So, to bring such a political and separating topic into the half time show changes the meaning. Another thing I question is whether Beyonce did this for attention and publicity?

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She was transferred to a group foster home at age three and lived in foster care in New York and Peekskill until age eight, and was still legally considered a ward of the State of New York until age Her mother and aunt frequently visited, and her father made an unsuccessful custody bid at one point. As a college student in Los Angeles, majoring in bio-chemistry , she said she would relieve stress by going to nightclubs for ladies’ night.

A talent scout from Soul Train asked Perez to appear on the show.

An enormous square foot opportunity awaits you in Bushwick. This brand new, ground up, 2 family townhouse at Chauncey Street is a rare chance to invest in a home that has and incredibly Start Date: Nov 04,

Reasonable discourse Bay Ridger from Bay Ridge says: Parks Dept can’t even do a good job of picking up trash In ANY of the parks in Brooklyn. Time to get rid of them and outsource to private companies, Report abuse March 22, , 9: Bay Ridger, you really don’t know what you’re talking about. The park is severely understaffed and the weekend crowds neglect to clean up after themselves especially when the weather gets nice.

This has come after initiatives to encourage park goers to take care of their own trash when having larger gatherings by bringing their bags to the park perimeter. Parks and the Alliance a not for profit that oversees the park have their hands full after every weekend, not to mention the vast amount of resources that have gone into the massive storm damage cleanups the park has experienced over the last 2 years.

I’m sure the Volunteer Department wouldn’t mind an extra hand. Your comment is uniformed being that you seem to think that park is completely ran by Parks and Recreation and serves no purpose. Report abuse March 22, ,

Hooking Up “East Williamsburg” Style

Hardwood floors, modern-day appliances, black granite countertops, and a beautiful outdoor patio with a hot tub for up to several people. You may also be amazed by how many naked people there are. Although the idea of a gigantic orgy of more than people might seem intimidating, it’s more likely that you’ll feel right at home once you get there. The dingy stereotype of New York swingers’ clubs — Plato’s Retreat, the infamous s swingers’ club, was held in a basement — is swept away by the tasteful interior of this brick row house.

Sparks started throwing the parties about four years ago, after attending one in Manhattan.

North Brooklyn neighborhood Bushwick is south and east of Williamsburg, the area it is most often connected with, in an age of ever-blurring neighborhood lines. Bushwick also borders Bedford-Stuyvesant, East New York, Brownsville and Ridgewood, Queens.

Every other humpday, I’ll answer your sex and relationship questions. Submit your anonymous questions to niki. The Best Case Scenario: What Is More Likely: A brief consent talk may be necessary at this point, because as a consent educator I see a couple potential red flags. For example, just because she consented to make out with you and was mad into it — that doesn’t necessarily mean that she wanted to fuck.

ALWAYS check in with your partner — especially when the non-verbal cues are unclear, which they seem to be in this situation, because communication often breaks down as a hookup escalates.

5 Signs You Should Break It Off With Your Casual Hookup

Derby Day is nigh Call it the anti-Superbowl. Every year on the first Saturday of May, Kentucky Derby enthusiasts dress to the nines, don towering hats and sip mint juleps in hours of buildup for a sporting event that lasts just two minutes. While the festivities get underway at the iconic Churchill Downs thousands of miles away, each year, Brooklynites get into the spirit the dapper way, sporting Seersucker Suits and bringing some Southern charm to their local bars.

Most things in this world promise too little and take too long, but the Derby is one of the very few things that promises a lot and takes very little time. I just love that about it. Get your fill of Southern fare as well with the Bluegrass Blue-Plate Special — barbecued baby-back ribs, potato salad, and Derby pie with whipped cream.

An enormous square foot opportunity awaits you in Bushwick. This brand new, ground up, 2 family townhouse at Chauncey Street is a rare chance to invest in a home that has and incredibly spacious layout while at the same time thoughtfully de.

Oh me, oh my, the things people do to get laid. As a general rule, the human race can get up to some pretty strange business. And we’ve got the Literotica to prove it! Here are 15 women recounting their craziest, wildest, most downright freaky sex stories for your reading pleasure. You’ve heard your fair share of awkward hookup stories, but check out the video below for the wildest dating site experiences: These ladies spilled their secrets, big time.

From an armpit-licker to a hot mess of a human-gorilla, we’ve got the wacky, sexy stories you need to hear.

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They’ll always sound great. You’ll always get the best of what the model has to offer or has ever had to offer This applies to all the reissues This is utter crap. Sorry but you don’t know what you are talking about. A couple of years ago, we ran tests on the new transformers vs.

Jul 27,  · How people hook up in Bushwick. Augmented reality involved. #Hookup #HookupApp #CasualSex #DatingApp #OnlineDating #Dating.

May 27 It also had maybe the best title screen—or, rather, screens—ever. Shoshanna, we discover, has deep wells of aggression, and may someday be a leader of men. Hopefully she can do this without the crack she smoked while in line for the bathroom, believing it to be marijuana. Then again, this show likes to upend expectations. Advertisement Which brings me to Jessa.

When she first smoked pot with her boss , their sleeping together and all the unpleasant, plot-driving fallout that would have ensued seemed inevitable. But James LeGros takes his character to a very low place this episode—that bottle of white wine he brought to Bushwick was just about the saddest party offering ever—and Jessa is decidedly uncharmed. And speaking of low places, Marnie must be headed for redemption, given how clueless and self-involved she has become.

Except for maybe Jessa. Adam is, indeed, self-actualized in a way that none of these girls are. His dancing was almost unbelievably un-self-conscious!

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. I want to give a very happy congrats to Redman aka Reggie Noble! And Bone Crusher is supposedly more of a rock star than a rap star these days. Anyway I hope they chill and just do their solo projects.

3 Bed / 2 Bath at Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY , USA in Bushwick, Brooklyn. All Pets Allowed. Beautiful condo style apartment with tons of light, closets and more! The kitchen is amazing with a huge wrap around counter and bar facing the living room. Washer dryer hookup Laundry in building Bike storage Gym Game room Screening room.

Content published by Cristal Corp: Optimize Your Computer By Taking Care of the Clutter For this week’s tip we give you suggestions on how to best organize your computers. How can archivists properly preserve computer programs often written specifically to destroy data? You can implement strong security on your network, but the most vulnerable part of your security is the end user. Most security breaches occur because of a lapse in security, or mistake by an end user.

Even a seemingly small thing like a laptop left unattended But as with your automobile, there are steps to take that will minimize the creeping sluggishness and keep your laptop running as fast as possible for as long as possible.

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